ICF Pool Kits

Learn modern ICF techniques

How the Process Works

Step 1 – Decide Which Pool Kit Size and Upgrades you want to purchase.

Kits include all specialty pool hardware and equipment you need to build your ICF pool. The Kits include enough ICF and accessories to build any linear configuration (Rectangle, L, Lazy L, Sport Pool, etc.) with an average depth of 6 feet, this could mean you build a rectangle pool dropping from 4′ to 8′ deep. Select the kit that is the same size or bigger than the exact dimensions you want to build.

Curved pools, such as a kidney design, can be achieved with ICF but require a custom order kit and will be more challenging to build.

The cost of the pool kit does not include the costs of the vinyl liner, shipping, and a few products you will source locally. We are providing estimates of these items to help you understand your full cost of materials. These costs are estimates and can vary by market, especially concrete.

Step 2 – Submit the Form at the bottom of the page with your pool kit and upgrade selections. (Does not include vinyl liner at this point, you will custom order the liner after your pool is poured)

Step 3 – We will be in touch with you to discuss any questions with your order and collect payment.

Step 4 – Kit will ship to your jobsite in 9 – 13 pallets depending on kit size and upgrades purchased. We have a great deal on shipping rates, but these pallets take up roughly half a semi-truck and shipping rates will vary based on market rates and distance to destination.

Step 5 – Build your pool.

Step 6 – Get exact measurements of your pool after it is poured so you can order your custom vinyl liner to fit your pool perfectly. The kit will come with instruction sheets and videos on how to take these measurements. If the liner has many complex shapes, Aaron will be available for consultation sessions to help you measure.

Step 7 – Order your vinyl liner. Currently the lead time on liners is around 2 weeks, it will be custom cut and delivered to you.

Step 8 – Install your vinyl liner.

Kits come in 4 Sizes

Customize with Upgrades

Order a Pool Kit:

Send an email to Support@icfguru.com and let us know which pool kit size and upgrades you would like including delivery address and we will get you a full quote within 48 hours.