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ICF Training

Four-day hands-on seminar to learn all the basic Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) foundations needed to start your first project.


Custom Pools

Variety of custom ICF pools.

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Custom Homes

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ICF Pool Kits

Purcahse a kit with all the supplies needed to build your ICF pool. 


 About Us

Aaron King of Cutting Edge Pools built his first pool in 2008. He started building custom homes in 2002, but the housing downturn had him looking for alternative sources of income and when a friend of his asked if he could build a pool he said yes without being entirely sure he could. He hired his retired freshman basketball coach, who built vinyl liner pools as a side business, to consult him on his first pool. Aaron paid his old coach $2,000 to show up once a day and shout out the daily tasks, just like freshman basketball! Aaron didn’t mind, he took to pool building with a flair for the ultra-custom and instantly started building some of the most elaborate vinyl liner pools in the Ozarks.

In 2013, he transitioned back into building custom homes and built his first ICF home. He instantly saw the potential for ICF in pool construction and built his first ICF vinyl liner pool the same year. He continued using ICF for his vinyl liners, but his notoriety in the custom home building world grew to the point the homes he was building were above the vinyl liner market, so he began monopouring the shells of his pools so they could be plastered just like gunite!

Aaron strives for top-notch quality and craftsmanship, he looked at the plaster coatings designed to work best with ICF and like all plasters, he believed they were the weakest link in an otherwise amazing pool system, so in March of 2021, he purchased equipment to install ecoFINISH over his ICF pools. ecoFINISH is widely regarded as the premier high performance thermal plastic coating in high-end pools. He quickly learned the only method for applying it over the EPS walls was not as good as the rest of the system. He and his partner Zach have spent the remainder of the year dialing in a composite intermediate coat that is as durable as the coating itself and it’s taking the market by storm!

Aaron King is 42 years old and in his spare time he travels the world with his wife Christina, they like riding their onewheel electric skateboards and playing pickle ball. They both have an artistic flair, Christina is an accomplished sketch artist and painter, and Aaron enjoys woodworking, design, and architecture!